Innovation is turning the existing into
the new.

RIPL is focused on commercializing innovative technologies for the DoD through specialized work, product development, and financing. We welcome industry, academia, and government into our network of innovation centers and are dedicated to ensuring that game changing technologies make it to market and scale.

Multi-Domain Partners

We work with partners in academia, government, and industry to move solutions forward.

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Commercializing Technology

Our work focuses deeply on ensuring our projects get to market and scale. We like to move fast and efficiently.

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Expert Team

Our team includes government, technology, and operational experts who have built, sold, and invested in companies across the globe.

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Focus on DoD

We are focused on innovative technologies and solutions in any arena that can be utilized for the warfighter and across the DoD.

Defense is in need of rapid and sustainable innovation.

We work to serve as a private DARPA to government and industry. We have deep experience bringing enterprise systems, nanotechnology, AI, and more to market. Pure might is needed to ensure the right solutions get to those who need them most.

Ethan Aldrich

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RIPL is unlocking stagnant innovation

We have a history of deploying transformative technologies and products to government and commercial sectors. There are thousands of technologies currently sitting stagnant - we have set out to unlock these innovations.

Who We Look For

Are you a university, lab, or technologist with an innovative technology?

Discuss with us how to improve your technology transfer and bring more of your organization's impact to market.

Are you a startup looking to grow your market?

Talk with us about growing in the DoD and opportunities for your technology and solutions.

Are you with a corporation looking to improve the pace of innovation?

Work with us to improve deal flow and identify upcoming technologies.

Are you a government stakeholder searching for transformative technologies?

Discuss your goals with us and join our network to keep up to date with game changing technologies and solutions to government problems.

Are you an individual operator looking to make an impact with a fast growing technology?

Reach out to see if there is a fit with any of our developing technologies or partners.

Join our innovation network.

We are building a private group of technologists, operators, and government stakeholders working to solve the hardest problems of the century.

If any of this applies to you, reach out to apply for our group below.

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